Your partner for AI solutions in the Capital Market

We give meaning to the data

The application of Artificial Intelligence has a concrete impact even in very such as those of the Financial and Capital Market.
The focal point is the data which, when they take on a precise meaning, can create value for the people and organizations that produce and use them.



We guide financial intermediaries in the complex process of adopting and using artificial intelligence in the context of the Capital Market and Wealth Management.
We carry out Proof of Concept and Feasibility Studies on specific areas requested and agreed with the client.


We create customized products and solutions based on AI. We have developed TrILS, our solution based on Artificial Intelligence models that offers analysis capabilities to support decisions and forecasting features at the service of real-time trading.


We provide information flows that distribute summary indicators to support asset management and are processed by our Artificial Intelligence systems.
We are able to develop forecast indicators based on specific requests and needs.



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