The consulting area is made up of senior Artificial Intelligence Engineers and senior data scientists coordinated by highly specialized figures in the Capital Market and Wealth Management who can guide the client in the complex process of adopting and using Artificial Intelligence. We can carry out Proof of Concept and Feasibility Studies on the areas requested by the customer or agreed with them. We support the customer in understanding the available data. With them, we identify all the areas where it is possible to extract value with the methodologies and metrics of Artificial Intelligence, enriching them where necessary and appropriate from the same organization to optimize costs and increase revenues. Our more than twenty years of experience allow us to cover all Capital Market and Wealth Management areas.


The solution area is made up of professionals who gather knowledge of Artificial Intelligence issues with the equally specific ones of Information Technology with particular attention to coordination figures with ATS S.p.A. We can create IT products and solutions with customized AI content for specific Capital Market customers. The fundamental synergy with ATS for aspects strictly related to Information Technology allows us to create solutions and products that combine the potential of Artificial Intelligence with the integration and usability of modern Information Technologies.


The services area includes data scientists with a deep specialization in Wealth Management who can develop innovative and lite solutions in Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, we focused on creating summary indicators and indications to support the Wealth Management activity. This information is processed in Artificial Intelligence and provided to the customer in the form of data streams. The usability of such information can take place in an uncorrelated manner from the systems used by customers or can be actively integrated with them. Thanks to our expertise, we can also create specific summary forecast indicators based on our customers’ requests.