Since our foundation and thanks to the work of the senior figures present in our group over the last few years, we have developed Proof of Concept and Feasibility Studies for the most important private and institutional financial realities. Some of these works strictly verticalized on business needs have started, in line with our approach, from profound discussions with the client and our academic / university component. It has allowed us to maintain that seriousness and scientific rigor that distinguishes us and allows us to publish ad hoc Papers and work on new Papers in the future.

For the Risk Management, Asset Management, Trading, compliance and ALM areas, the following Proof of Concept has been created to demonstrate the usability and effectiveness of the application of Artificial Intelligence models for the following needs:

Pre and Post Trade Analysis of Inner and Outer Data

Regarding to ioc operativity, tca perspective, care orders or other, the system provides the results of analysis in order to detect reason for filled/canceled order, commission incidence, execution vs price deviation. The flexibility of the system allows one to choose their own outcome to analyze.

Benchmark Beat and Management Fees Increase

We have shown how Artificial Intelligence can become an effective instrument of decision support in funds of funds portfolio creation with predictive signals, adopting customer rules and constraints.

Performance Optimization and Fees Reduction

In the specified area of the management of financial instruments in the bond market, the system focused on the creation of automatic signal of portfolio creation and buy and sell signals on bond markets.

Cost Reduction and Models Sustainability

The Proof of Concept has been created to evaluate with Artificial Intelligence protocols existing risk models and also verify their effectiveness over time.

Cost Reduction on Compliance Procedures and Process

We have adopted Artificial Intelligence models for automation of workflows to satisfy regulations, policies, and procedures.

Cost Reduction to Implement “GIANOS” Questionnaire Procedures

Creation of a system able to monitor and continually update accurate customer risk profiles via analysis of customer financial transactions, statements and communications.

Optimization of Internal Procedures for Proceeds Match

System to detect textual information of payment and retrieve match with the files storage in internal data base.

Market Indication and Forecast by Market Cycle Nature

The Artificial Intelligence models have been used for the creation of a set of seasonal indicators able to forecast market movement in the following 52 weeks used to detect best baskets of investments.

Support Financial Decision by market Indication and Client Interest

Creation of a system able to identify and apply Artificial Intelligence models and metrics used to qualitative and quantitative data to achieve the business forecast objectives and client sentiment.