The ability to analyze the available data in an ever more precise and fast way is one of the main challenges of recent years. Artificial Intelligence has allowed in many contexts to effectively make increasingly advanced decision support systems available to the business. The need to find relationships or correlations has also strengthened as data increased. Consequently, traditional analysis models have been flanked by more advanced ones capable of identifying relationships even in heterogeneous data originating from different contexts. However, Artificial Intelligence is generally applied to understand and predict external events that indirectly impact internal activity. Instead, we have developed a new paradigm that revolutionizes the traditional approach to data analytics, strengthening decision support systems.

In addition to analysis of outer data (Outer Decision Support System), we included inner data and behaviors (Inner Decision Support System) to speed up and increase the precision of internal business decisions. An innovative approach has also made it possible to implement a system for analyzing the results of one’s operations (Outcome Analysis) and apply it to trading activities.

Following this approach, we have developed TrILS (Trading Intelligent Learning System).

This system allows AI-based models to perform pre / post-trade analysis and real-time forecasts on trading operations.

We have developed it thanks to our experience in the sector and in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Marche, with which we have conducted and completed recognized scientific research published in IEEE Access, laying the foundations for this first application in the field of Capital Market. Our Artificial Intelligence solutions are based on a modular platform that:

Collects and integrates from different sources (data source management)
Prepares data (data cleansing) and analyses them through 30 classes of AI models
Presents them with an advanced user experience (front-end)