Our Trading Intelligent Learning System platform provides analytical and previsional support in both trading and algo-trading contexts. Configurable and extrensible, it can be tailored to understand different specific trading elements/outcomes to work with.

Through our XAI – Explainable AI – approach it enables business value creation which is sustainable and manageable at the governance and compliance level.


This platform, currently under development, provides a credit risk score associated with either an individual or a company.

It is based on the passive and active digital footprint associated with an identity.

This alternative data and the extracted socio-economic analysis score will serve Fintech entities to complement their current credit scoring framework allowing for a more accurate definition of risk and the potential to serve new customer segments not currently supported by credit bureaus.


We can support financial institutions in their AI journey by providing consultancy and ML systems engineering. We are happy to provide consulting and to share intelligence based on our diverse AI cases track record.